The Sephardi Centre is pleased to announce its new CD of Sephardi choral melodies, "A Sephardi Celebration", the first studio recording of our community's choral music to be made for over 50 years.

1) Lecha Dodi

sound clip

2) Adon Ngolam

3) Et Shaare Ratson

sound clip

4) Kaddish

sound clip

5) Yah Shemang

sound clip

6) Yimloch

7) Mizmor LeDavid

sound clip

8) Hashibenu

sound clip

9) Baruch Haba

10) El Nora

11) Yigdal

12) Metim

sound clip

13) En Kelohenu

14) Halleluyah

for photos from the recording sessions, click here.


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